25 octobre 2010

Romaricson Alognon : Climate Policy and Development : Awakening Africa With The Case of Togo ?

Romaricson Alognon vient d’écrire un livre en Anglais intitulé "Climate Policy and Development : Awakening Africa With The Case of Togo ? " qui sortira très prochainement. Dans l’ouvrage l’auteur tente de démontrer que la politique climatique dirigée par la sagesse et un véritable facteur de développement pour l’Afrique et non un frein.

Voici le resumé de l’ouvrage en Anglais

It seems to be an opposition between development and climate protection
because Industrial Revolution and its resulted lifestyle are the initial cause of
global warming. For that reason it sounds inappropriate to involve developing
countries in the fight of global warming. So, this book examines the climate
policy of Togo to see if it really hinders development. In that regard, the
development process of Togo has been analyzed. The analysis reveals that the implemented colonial modernization theory has handicapped Togo and the
African countries for too long. Neither was the environment protected nor could the economy of African countries take off. The mere exportation of raw
materials is insufficient to bring about any kind of economic development.
Moreover, in the era of global warming, raw materials are going to be reduced
considerably. Thus, for African countries to develop and protect the global
climate at the same time, sustainable development approaches must be applied.

Job creating policies have to be conceived and set into action, the CFA currency must be abolished in the French speaking countries, and cleavages along ethnic lines have to be healed. Therefore, democracy is a prerequisite. However, the ongoing dictatorial regimes in Africa are real impediments for economic performance, ecological balance and any sustainable advancement. Indeed, the development and climate policy of Togo and many other African countries is a mess. Global warming has already occurred and is still going on. So, African countries should rather concentrate their efforts on adaptation measures inter alia the rebuilding of infrastructures. Moreover, Africa has to be champion in wind and solar energy. However, because of governmental incompetence, the emphasis is exclusively laid on reduction measures though the Kyoto Protocol does not oblige developing countries to do so. Worse, many African countries continue to believe that development aid is a manna from heaven tailored to initiate development. Such findings have allowed some critiques to be uttered.

Actually, development aid holds Africa in poverty. Hence, recommendations
have been made to enhance the development and climate policy. In the end, a wise climate protection strategy turns to be a sustainable development

Auteur : Romaricson Alognon

B.A. Sociology & M.A. European and World Politics
Specialist in Development & Climate Politics

L’auteur est titulaire d’un Baccalauréat Serie A4 au Lycée de Gnenyedzi à Lomé, un DEUG 1 en Sociologie à L’Université de Lomé, un Bachelor en Sociologie à l’Université de Bremen et un Master en "European and World Politics " à la Hochschule Bremen en Allemagne. Il parle quatre langues : le Mina, le Francais, l’Anglais et l’Allemand.

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1    2010-10-26 00:44:25   Djalele

  • This book is all about what Djalele is thinking regarding developed countries tendency to involve Africa fully in climate change issues. I may need a copy of this thing to show to my North America colleagues. What an interesting tool !

2    2010-10-26 08:44:39   B Lawson

  • Thumbs up Ro !
    i m very supportive and can t wait to read
    the book
    You should have added the 5th language that you are fluent in ( kabye)

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